You and your Family

by sssgc-srilanka

Step by step into freedom and Prosperity

Everyone is struggling to make the life happy and prosperous. The struggle pervades the whole earthly population amounting to about 8 billion people. Life for everyone is a struggle to elevate to higher levels of abundance and happiness, a struggle to fly into freedom. Some win and many lose in the struggle despite the fact that man has no reason to lose. Of the 8,400,000 living species the biologists have discovered, only humans can keep on elevating the consciousness into happy, prosperous, and a blissful human life.

Man alone, and not a single other creature can eat cooked and processed food. He alone wears clothes and moves about using external supports ranging from the bicycle to air planes. Lives in built houses and mansions. These are visible features of man which differentiate him from the other 8,3999,999 living beings. The most outstanding feature of is that he is the only living being having a vertical spinal column. Can you find a single living being having a perfectly vertical spine among the 8,400,000 living beings?

If the most evolved and powerful man lives in grief and misery, then there is something wrong with him.

The story of the rich beggar

There was a miserable beggar. He had an old wooden box used to sit while begging under a tree. Beggar’s daily routine was that he starts begging early morning until the sunset. He appeals to everyone passing by, “Oh! Sir, Madam, see my plight, I did not have a proper meal for two days. Please give me a few coins…… One day a stranger was passing by and the beggar made the usual appeal. The stranger said, “Why beg when you have enough wealth”. The beggar said, “Please do not ridicule me.” The stranger said, “open your box and see” The beggar broke open the box to see some pieces of pure gold and ended the beggar life and lived in prosperity.

Many of us are like this beggar. Depending and depending while possessing enough gold to live in happiness and abundance. Open the box we everyone have and fly into freedom

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