How can we best lead our lives as devotees of the Lord?

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How can we best lead our lives as devotees of the Lord? Bhagawan lovingly reminds us today.

Today speeches are made on Truth, Righteousness, Peace and Love, and exhibitions are organised to propagate values. But there is no attempt to exemplify these values in practical living. Of what avail are speeches and exhibitions if values are not practised? The world will not be reformed by propaganda. It is only when there are living examples of these ideals that they become meaningful and inspiring. All the chaos in the world is due to the fact that people lead double lives. They say one thing and act differently. There should be unity in thought, word and deed. True spirituality consists in promoting human unity through harmonious living and sharing joy with one and all. Bhajans and all forms of worship are only good actions but are spiritually unimportant. Devotion consists in expressing love towards all. You cannot effect a change of heart through speeches. They often lead to confusion and conflict. Better than speeches is the practice of love, with faith in the Divine.

– Divine Discourse, Mar 24, 1989.

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