How can we make the best use of this human life?

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How can we make the best use of this human life? Bhagawan lovingly reminds us today, giving us some valuable instructions.

Life has been bestowed not just for eating and digesting, roaming and reclining, but, for a far greater purpose – the realisation of Divinity in us, in all that exists around us and even beyond all things that strike our senses! To waste such a life in vain pursuits, in mere sense-pleasures is not the sign of an intelligent person. Deserve the Grace of God by helping the weak and poor, diseased and disabled, distressed and downtrodden. Do not laugh at others or take delight in insulting them or in carrying tales demeaning them. There is no more heinous sin than hurting the feelings of others. Man must develop two qualities: Fear of sin and devotion to God. To cultivate devotion to God, endeavour to mix with good persons, engage yourselves in Namasmarana (chanting of the Divine Name) in the early hours of the day, join choir groups that sing Names of God and move along streets thrilled with joy that wells up when you do so.

– Divine Discourse, Jan 28, 1975.

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