How can we perform our duties as a true instrument of the Lord

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How can we perform our duties as a true instrument of the Lord? Bhagawan lovingly explains to us today.

The see-er should not attach himself to the seen; that is the way to get free. The contact of the senses with the object arouses desire and attachment; this leads to effort and either elation or despair; then, there is the fear of loss or grief at failure and the train of reactions lengthens. With many doors and windows kept open to all the winds that blow, how can the flame of the lamp within survive? That lamp is the mind, which must burn steadily unaffected by the dual demands of the world outside. Complete surrender to the Lord is one way of closing the windows and doors, for, then, in that stance of Sharanagati (complete surrender to God), you are bereft of ego and so, you are not buffeted by joy or grief. Complete surrender makes you draw upon the grace of the Lord for meeting all the crises in your career and so, it renders you heroic, more stalwart, and better prepared for the battle.

– Divine Discourse, Jan 13, 1965.

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