How can we say that the individual is an aspect of Divinity?

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How can we say that the individual is an aspect of Divinity? Bhagawan lovingly explains and inspires us to manifest our divine potential.

God is known by various names and of these, the greatest and the most fitting is Satchitanada.

Sat means that which remains unchanged in all three periods of time – the past, the present, and the future. Strict adherence to truth would enable one to experience Sat. Chit means total awareness or complete knowledge. It is that which enables one to experience Divinity in all its aspects. Once Sat and Chit are experienced, Ananda or bliss would follow automatically.

Everyone wants to be happy. Such a desire is natural and it springs from the fact that man’s true nature is Bliss. Bliss is God but man does not understand that. He does not understand that he originated from God, that life’s undercurrent is God, and that his final destination also is God. Man is born of Ananda, the basis of his life is Ananda, and his goal also is Ananda.

The human body is temporary; the pleasure that it can give also is fleeting. Therefore, one must seek that which is permanent, that is to say, God, or Bliss, which is the same thing.

– Divine Discourse, May 21, 2000.

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