How can we slowly turn ourselves and others to the spiritual path?

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How can we slowly turn ourselves and others to the spiritual path? Bhagawan lucidly explains to us, highlighting the importance of certain simple aspects.

Divine Life is based on the quality of calm serenity (satwa guna), which must be cultivated. This quality can be built only upon natural (satwic) food – food that promotes health, strength, lightness of spirit, and earnestness of endeavour. There is no use distributing the juice of spirituality to underfed and weak people; give them rice juice first, and make them strong enough to entertain strong beliefs and ideals. Physical hunger must first be appeased by simple pure food. Then, try to repeat the Name of the Lord, the Name that appeals to you most. Do not treat the Name lightly; respect it even if you hear it from the lips of a beggar who uses it to procure alms. Though the person who utters it is bad or though his motive in uttering it is bad, do not ill-treat the Name; for its purity can never be harmed. Thank them for reminding you of the Lord and then go your way. Above all, do not laugh at and discourage those who call on the Lord.

– Divine Discourse, Dec 14, 1958.

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