How should we lead our everyday life without attachment

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How should we lead our everyday life without attachment? Bhagawan lovingly gives us an example and reminds us to introspect, quoting from the Ishavasya Upanishad.

Renunciation that involves the destruction of the three urges for a mate, for progeny, and for wealth is very difficult to attain without purity of the mind (Chitta). Work without the desire for its fruit slowly cleanses impurities, like the crucible of the gold-smith. The pure mind is spiritual wisdom (jnana); it is the consummation of detachment. If you are able to divest yourselves of desire when you are doing work, no impurity can touch you. You know that “chilliginji” seeds (clearing nuts), when dropped into muddy water, have the power to separate the dirt and deposit it at the bottom; the seeds also sink to the bottom and slip out of sight! In the same way, those who are adepts in doing action (karma) without attachment have their minds perfectly cleansed, and the results of their acts lose their effectiveness and sink to the bottom.

– Upanishad Vahini, Ch 2.

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