Of what avail is prayer

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Of what avail is prayer? Does God really respond to prayers or is He just a witness who dispenses what we are destined to receive? Bhagawan lovingly resolves these doubts for us today.

If the devotee has dedicated everything – body, mind, and existence – to the Lord, He will Himself look after everything, for He will always be with the devotee! Under such conditions, there is no need for prayer. But have you so dedicated yourself and surrendered everything to the Lord? No! When losses occur, calamities come, or plans go awry, devotees blame the Lord. Some, on the other hand, pray to Him to save them! If you avoid both of these, as well as reliance on others, if you place complete faith in the Lord at all times, why should He deny you His grace? Why should He desist from helping you? People do not rely fully and unswervingly on the Lord. Though you must be the agent and the instrument doing everything, continue to pray with devotion and faith. Faith is the product of peace, not of haste and hurry. For acquiring the Lord’s grace and the resulting awareness of His reality, the quality of peace is the prime need.
– Prasanthi Vahini, Ch 7.

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