Rich or poor, what is the Dharma of every human being?

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Rich or poor, what is the Dharma of every human being? Bhagawan clearly and lovingly reminds us today.

Greatness doesn’t lie in performing acts of charity by spending crores of rupees. Your thoughts, words, and deeds should be suffused with love. Make efforts to alleviate the suffering of your fellowmen. Love all as you love yourself. This is your Dharma. Dharma doesn’t mean performing acts of charity alone. You should fill your heart with righteous feelings and give up selfishness and greed. Always keep the welfare of society in mind. Don’t consider your fellowmen as ‘others’. Share your love with all; Live in amity and develop unity. Only through love can you win the hearts of others and transform them. Hence, the need of the hour is to cultivate love and share it with others. Develop love for God and compassion toward those less fortunate than you! This is the essence of education. Serve your parents and make them happy. What’s the use of sharing your love with others when you aren’t concerned about the suffering of your mother at home? Your foremost duty is to love your parents and serve them. Then you can share your love with others!

– Divine Discourse, Oct 23, 2004.

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