What are the effective techniques to live happily and in good health?

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What are the effective techniques to live happily and in good health? Bhagawan lovingly reminds us today with precious pearls of wisdom.

The one effective way to conquer all sources of physical and mental disease and debility is awareness of one’s Atmic Reality. That will bring about an upsurge of love and light for when one recognises that he is Atma, he cognises the same Atma in all, he shares the joy and grief of all, and he partakes of the strength and weakness of all. When one yearns for the happiness and prosperity of all mankind, one is blessed with the wisdom and strength to mark out the way and lead men towards it. In everyone, the person sees his God. Every act of his will be as pure, as sincere and as sacred as an offering to God. Health does not depend on medicine. Good words, good manners, good sight, good thoughts – these are essential. What can even powerful or costly medicines do if one is ill with bad thoughts and bad feelings? On the other hand, virtuous living, beneficial thoughts, elevating ideals and righteous conduct can confer not only health but what is even more precious, Atmananda – the Ecstatic Awareness of the Reality itself.

– Divine Discourse, Nov 20, 1982.

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