What are the key obstacles for us to live in love and peace?

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What are the key obstacles for us to live in love and peace? Bhagawan lovingly calls our attention to the twin evils that hamper our happiness.

By conquering desire, you become unselfish. When you are overwhelmed with desires, you cannot be content. You will lose control over senses when intoxicated with insatiable desires.

No doubt one cannot avoid desires. But there should be a limit! Limitless desires result in ruin. Prosperity will elude such a person. The moment man is able to control his desires, all things will come to him of their own accord! Lobham hitva sukhi bhavati – Conquer greed, you realise happiness.

Greed is another cause of human misery. Greed distances you from every kind of happiness – material, intellectual or spiritual! Greed is the cause for failure of Duryodhana and Dushasana to live happily despite having so much wealth and power.

Hence banish greed from your hearts. How is this to be done? When you foster the spirit of sacrifice, greed will vanish! With greed-filled hearts there is no room for joy. You cannot fill a tumbler full of water with milk. First, empty the tumbler and then fill it with milk! Likewise, get rid of greed and fill your heart with sacrifice!

– Divine Discourse, Sep 23, 1997.

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