What are the sins that we must avoid as we lead our lives in society

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What are the sins that we must avoid as we lead our lives in society? Bhagawan lovingly points out in the form of a dialogue between Prahlada and his father.

Prahlada told Hiranyakashipu, “You are committing crimes against society based on the strength of Brahma’s boons. Your ego will ruin you completely. You need humility to attain God. Father! Education without character, worship without sacrifice, wealth without effort, politics without principles — these sins are the basis for all the misery in the world.”

What are the sins of society? Education without character is one. Wealth without effort is another. We must make effort! Without effort how can you expect anything in return?

Next, worship without sacrifice. Yes, you are all praying. But it is prayer without sacrifice. Sacrifice alone grants bliss in worship. Politics without principles and science without human values are on the increase. If science had principles, how would bombs and other means of unrest come about? Human values have declined in science.

– Ch 8, Summer Showers 1995.

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