What can we do with our present, to ensure a joyous future?

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What can we do with our present, to ensure a joyous future? On the occasion of Ugadi (the Telugu/Kannada new year), Bhagawan lovingly guides us with His blessings today.

Love all. Have faith that God is present in all. Make everybody happy. Only then can you attain happiness. It is impossible for you to attain happiness without making others happy. On this day of Ugadi, take a firm resolve to purify your heart. Past is past. It cannot be retrieved. When you are walking on the road, you should look at the path ahead of you. What is the point in looking behind? Likewise, there is no point in brooding over the past. The future is not certain. What is the guarantee that you will be alive until tomorrow? So, do not worry about your future. Live in the present. It is not an ordinary present. It is omnipresent, meaning the results of the past and seeds of the future are contained in it. So, when you make proper use of the present, you can rest assured that your future is safe and secure.

– Divine Discourse, Apr 13, 2002.

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