What does it truly mean to practice the virtue of nonviolence?

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What does it truly mean to practice the virtue of nonviolence? Bhagawan firmly and lovingly explains to us today.

Get rid of your evil qualities, wicked thoughts and bad intentions. Practise nonviolence (ahimsa). What is the meaning of nonviolence? Ahimsa means not to hurt others by thoughts, words, and deeds. Never leave unity of thought, word, and deed, even for a moment. Only when you observe unity of thought, word, and deed in all your endeavours will divine feelings manifest in you.

The principle of nonviolence is very subtle. Most people do not understand its correct meaning. Even eating food more than necessary constitutes violence. Why? You hurt yourself by excessive eating. Even unnecessary talking amounts to indulging in violence. Talk only to the extent necessary. That is nonviolence.

When you misuse the faculties given by God, all your wealth, power, and position will become meaningless. Since you are caught up in the mire of trivial worldly pursuits, you are unable to realise the infinite Atmic principle.

– Divine Discourse, Jul 29, 1996.

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