What is that we must offer to the Lord to please Him?

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What is that we must offer to the Lord to please Him? Bhagawan reminds us so that we may not let this opportunity slip!

You attach importance to quantity, but the Lord considers only quality! He doesn’t calculate how many measures of “sweet rice” you offered, but how many sweet words you uttered, and how much sweetness you added in your thoughts! Offer Him the fragrant leaf of devotion, and the flowers of your emotions and impulses freed from pests of lust, anger, etc. Give Him fruits grown in the orchard of your mind, sour or sweet, juicy or dry, bitter or sugary. Once you decide that the orchard in your mind is His, all fruits will be sweet; your attitude of surrender will render all fruits acceptable to the Lord, then how can they be bitter? And, for water, what can be purer and more precious than your tears? Shed them not in grief, mind you, but in rapture at the chance to serve the Lord and to walk along the path that leads to Him! All who aspire to be devotees must eschew attachment and aversion.

– Divine Discourse, Feb 08, 1963.

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