What is the approach we must have towards our work lives?

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What is the approach we must have towards our work lives? Bhagawan lovingly motivates us with a beautiful message today.

You must learn to become a new type of leaders, leaders who passed through the crucible of Seva as Sadhana; leaders who have passed through school, college and mastered problems of present and future, in the light of the past; and leaders who appreciate traditions and culture. This is the job for which you must prepare yourself.

The Telugu word for job is Udyoga. Mark the word, Ud-yoga; ‘ud’ means upward, rising, emergent. So, it is progress in yoga that defines the nature and purpose of the job. And, what is yoga? Yoga is, as Pathanjali says, chitta vritti nirodhah, control of agitations, anxieties and fear of the mind.

People in charge of administration are devising various controls, and conducting propaganda to popularise them. They have food control, gold control, birth control and other plans, but the most fundamental thing needed is – mind control; this is absent! You may sit in an air-cooled room, but if your mind is agitated by anger, envy, greed or fear, you will find the room pretty hot!

– Divine Discourse, Jul 23, 1970.

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