What is the essence of Lord Buddha’s teachings

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What is the essence of Lord Buddha’s teachings? On the auspicious and holy occasion of Buddha Poornima, Bhagawan lovingly guides us today.

You must aim to achieve Nirvana or Liberation. Nirvana means experiencing bliss in the last moments of your life. Man doesn’t realise what he should seek and what to reject.

Three things are required to be done in life. Do good to those who have done harm to you. Forget the harm done by others and also the good you have done to others. Forget what needs to be forgotten and remember only those that require to be remembered.

What should you remember? The good others have done to you! You must remember the good done to you as sacred and you must express your gratitude to them. Make all your actions conform to righteousness. Whatever actions you do remembering God, will get sanctified!

See no evil; See what is good. Hear no evil; Hear what is good. Speak no evil; Speak what is good. Think no evil; Think what is good. Do no evil; Do what is good. This is the way to God. This is the essence of Buddha’s teachings.

– Divine Discourse, May 11, 1998.

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