What is the important lesson Jesus taught even as he was being crucified

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What is the important lesson Jesus taught even as he was being crucified? On the solemn occasion of Good Friday, Bhagawan reveals the message Jesus gave the world through Mother Mary.

At the time of Jesus’s crucifixion, his mother Mary came near him and started shedding tears. Jesus consoled her saying, “Why do you cry, mother? The body is like a water bubble. Let them do whatever they wish with this body. You think these people are trying to kill me. I have no death. None can kill me.”

Mary then told him, “Are you not the son of this body?” Jesus replied, “Of course! I am related to you at the physical level, as a son. But, ‘I am I’ only. You are all like children to me. You are all embodiments of Divinity.”

Thus, Jesus attained the highest level of spirituality, having gone through all tests. Jesus was not merely a human form. He was the Embodiment of the Divine Self, verily. But, some people could not realise his divinity. Even now only some people have faith in Divinity while others do not. Some extol Divinity, whereas others criticise. It all depends upon their faith. If you consider a stone as God, it becomes God automatically.

– Divine Discourse, Dec 26, 2007.

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