What is the means to a healthy body and sharp intellect?

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What is the means to a healthy body and sharp intellect? Where can we find tips to achieve this? Bhagawan lovingly answers for us today.

The mind must first be calmed and quieted. Only then can the body be healthy and the intellect sharp. The mind is projected at one time only on a single object, not on many. But it is still a conglomeration of thoughts, desires, fancies, imaginings, and the rest. In fact, the mind has inside it, in a nutshell, the entire history of creation. That is the delusion (maya) of humanity. The mind is the battlefield (Kurukshetra) where the good and bad, right and wrong contest for supremacy. Iron has to be beaten flat by iron alone. So too, the inferior, low mind has to be shaped better by the superior mind. One has to make one’s mind superior and stronger for the task of personal uplift. That is the purpose of this ‘Prasanthi Vahini’ (Stream of Supreme Peace). Drink deep from the waters of this Stream, the waters of discipline indicated therein. Immerse yourself in it and become cleansed; may its coolness refresh your sorrows and pains, and quench the fires of sin.

– Prasanthi Vahini, Ch 3.

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