What is the most heroic victory we can all achieve if we choose to?

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What is the most heroic victory we can all achieve if we choose to? What is the importance of achieving it? Bhagawan lovingly guides us today!

How can tyaga (Sacrifice) develop without Yoga, the control of the agitations of desire, in the mind? You may have air conditioning, but without the conditioning of the mind, how can there be peace? You may control prices, production of steel or cloth, distribution of food grains, and many other things and processes; but unless you have mind control, the rest are barren exercises! Mind control is more heroic and beneficial than any other system of control! A running train cannot be stopped, even if thousands hang on to it and pull it back! But, a tiny button in the engine, when pressed by the driver can bring it to a halt! So too, the mind, if controlled, can bring to a halt all the various functions which are sought to be controlled! Now, enormous time and money are wasted to achieve unessential targets, but, the most important target, namely, mind control is being neglected. Yoga is the name for that system of control. Now, Yoga is neglected; Ud-yoga (job) is being sought after. Udyoga without yoga will be a handicap, a hindrance.

– Divine Discourse, Feb 03, 1972.

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