What is the one thing we must all certainly cultivate?

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What is the one thing we must all certainly cultivate? Bhagawan in His own inimitable style reiterates to us again today.

Above all, cultivate love towards all. That will destroy envy, anger, and hatred. God (Rama) and desire (kama) cannot coexist in the same heart. Trust begets trust, love begets love. When I am talking to you with so much prema (love), you cannot develop any hatred toward Me! Prema makes the whole world kin. It is the greatest instrument of concord. The farmer plants the seedling and watches over it with great care. He removes the weeds, destroys the pests, lets in water as and when necessary, spreads manure, and then awaits the day when he can reap the harvest and fill his granary. So too, you must nourish prema and pluck out the weeds of hatred and envy. Wear red glasses, and all things appear red. Wear the glasses of prema, and all will appear lovable and good!

-Divine Discourse, Sep 01, 1958.

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