What is the one virtue that will ensure all other values manifest too?

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What is the one virtue that will ensure all other values manifest too? Bhagawan explains and also reminds us, and also tells us that that is the only gift He seeks too.

I have not come to you to “lecture”, for I do not believe in the value of mere words, however scholarly or pompous or profuse. I have come only to share with you My Prema (Love) and partake in turn of your prema. Today, the typhoon of hatred and falsehood is scattering the clouds of virtue, justice, and truth to the far corners of the sky, and people feel that Sanatana Dharma itself is in danger of extinction. But that can happen only if the Lord wills, and the Lord who has laid down dharma will not allow it to be destroyed. Wherever truth, right conduct, peace, and love are emphasised, in whatever religion or language, by whichever teacher, wherever the teacher may be, there we have Sanatana Dharma. As long as man is capable of prema, dharma (righteousness) will exist, do not doubt it. When that prema is fixed on the Lord, your mental make-up will slowly and steadily undergo a revolutionary change; then, man will share in the sorrows and joys of his fellow beings. Thereafter, he contacts the very source of the bliss, which is beyond the temporary gains and losses of this world.

– Divine Discourse, Mar 24, 1958.

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