What is the profound significance of ‘Nama’ the name of the Lord?

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What is the profound significance of ‘Nama’ the name of the Lord? On the eve of the Global Akhanda Bhajan, Bhagawan lovingly reminds us in crystal clear terms.

Nama is made up of three letters: ‘Na’, ‘aa’ and ‘ma’. All music is based on the seven swaras, seven notes. According to the science of numerology, the letters ‘Na’, ‘aa’ and ‘ma’, have numerical values: 0, 2 and 5, making up seven in all. The seven notes are “Sa, ri, ga, ma, pa, da, ni”. The Gopikas made use of these seven notes to combine music, rhythm and devotion in the Rasa Krida dance with Krishna. In this group dance, the Gopikas were so completely lost in devotion and song that they experienced oneness with the Divine. In this way, Sankirtana (community singing) in praise of Krishna became popular and helped develop devotion and promoted collective prayers for the welfare of the world. Similarly, community singing in the name of Rama also came into vogue. Numerologically, the letters in the name of Rama add up to seven. Besides the seven notes, the mystic number seven is associated with many sacred things like seven islands, seven oceans, seven sages and so on. In accordance with this concept, seven-day festivals and yajnas are held.
– Divine Discourse, Nov 08, 1986

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