What is the root cause of a restless mind?

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What is the root cause of a restless mind? What should we do to live our day peacefully, every day? Bhagawan lovingly explains to us today.

Content with what one has, refusing to be worried by the absence of things that one doesn’t have, trying as far as possible to reduce and eliminate desires, passions and hatreds, one should strive to cultivate truth, dharma, love, and patience (sahana). Cultivate them and, at the same time, practice them systematically. This is the real duty of humanity, the real purpose of human birth. If the above-mentioned four qualities are cultivated and practised by each, there will be no envy between people, selfish grabbing will cease, the interests of others will be respected, and world peace can be stabilised. Instead, if you yourself have no peace, how can you ensure world peace? Those enthusiastic about world peace must first learn how to experience and enjoy peace themselves; later, they can spread that peace to the world outside themselves and help to promote it.

– Prasanthi Vahini, Ch 15.

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