What is the surest way to attain the goal of life?

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What is the surest way to attain the goal of life? Bhagawan lovingly instructs and motivates us today.

Embodiments of Love! Your names and forms are different, but the principle of love is the same in all of you. Hence I address you as “embodiments of love”.

Love is always one, it should not be divided. Consider God as one and love Him wholeheartedly. Such one-pointed love towards God is true devotion. Devotees like Jayadeva, Gauranga, and Eknath developed such divine love and sanctified their lives. Likewise, Mira and Sakhubai had unwavering love and devotion toward God. They did not worship various names and forms. They followed one path. They installed one name and one form in their heart and contemplated on their chosen deity incessantly.

Those who are dual-minded and change their path every now and then are bound to ruin their lives. Hence, never be dual-minded. Experience Divinity with ekatma bhava (one-pointedness). You may choose any name you like – Rama, Krishna, Easwara, etc. and contemplate on the form. You will certainly reach the goal of life.

– Divine Discourse, Apr 13, 2005

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