What is the unique and special glory of mankind?

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What is the unique and special glory of mankind? How should we put that special skill to use? Bhagawan lovingly motivates us in his inimitable sweet manner today.

You may not get a chance to partake in some gigantic scheme of service through which millions may be benefitted; you can lift a lame lamb over a stile, or lead a blind child across a busy road. That too is an act of worship. Seva is more fruitful than japa, dhyana, yajna and yaga, usually recommended for spiritual aspirants. For, Seva serves two purposes: the extinction of the ego, and the attainment of ananda (bliss). When someone sitting near you is sunk in sorrow; can you be happy? No. A baby nearby might be weeping pathetically, and your eyes are full of tears in sympathy. Why? There is an unseen bond between the two. Man alone has this quality of sympathy; he alone can be happy when others are happy, and miserable when others are miserable. That is why he is the paragon of creation, the acme of animal advancement. Man alone is capable of seva; that is his special glory and unique skill.

– Divine Discourse, Mar 04, 1970.

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