What is true freedom?

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What is true freedom? Bhagawan clarifies and removes misconceptions on this important theme.

Keeping the Atmic consciousness in the forefront, you may perform any act. You will be acting in freedom. There are no two different types of freedom – individual freedom and spiritual freedom. Spirituality itself is freedom. Any talk of freedom for man in this phenomenal world can only refer to an insane or egoistic freedom. It may also be used in respect of certain relationships like a man’s attitude to his child or wife. But the exercise of freedom towards them in an authoritarian manner can be described only as a travesty of freedom. It is a sign of foolishness. It is unbecoming of anyone calling himself a human being to behave in such an egoistic manner. Man can raise himself to a higher level only if he gives up such egoistic behaviour. You must recognise that you must accord to others the same amount of freedom which you claim for yourself. Freedom is thus interdependent and cannot be absolute or unrestricted.

– Divine Discourse, May 31, 1990.

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