What makes the land of Bharat special?

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What makes the land of Bharat special? How can we internalise what it represents? Bhagawan lovingly explains, so that we may all become true Bharatiyas, no matter where we were born or where we live.


Bharat has been built on the foundation of Dharma (righteousness), laid down by sages like Narada and Valmiki, teaching people that one should not enthuse over victory or droop over defeat, that both are to be welcomed as tests of one’s faith in God. This is a land where faith in God is imbibed at the mother’s breast by every child and so, it will never give way to despair and grief. It will rely on the Lord within and discover inexhaustible reinforcements of courage within each heart. The final victory is for those who have faith in the invincible Atman, Reality. Such men will have no hate in their hearts; they will only be sad that others are greedy and envious, and their prayers will be for the granting of wisdom, humility and love even to their opponents: “O God, grant them sad-buddhi – discrimination and the power of cool, calm judgement.” Since Vedic times all sons and daughters of India pray: Loka-Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu – “May all the denizens of all the worlds be happy.”

– Divine Discourse, Sep 26, 1965.

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