What should we pursue relentlessly in our life and be successful?

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What should we pursue relentlessly in our life and be successful? Bhagawan lovingly reminds us today.

Engagement in activity gives quick results; people seek only what is available now, in a concrete form, what is capable of being grasped by their senses. Generally, people find reality too difficult to attain, so they are carried away by the attraction of flimsy pleasures, away from the full joy derivable from transcending the senses. Achievement of wisdom is the inner victory; it is won after a long and arduous struggle. People do not generally have the needed patience. Moreover, they attach greater importance to the gross physical body. The body can be happy only with objects that cater to the senses, so people do not seek wisdom, which will send them to paths where the senses are unwanted. They yearn for success in action, but not perfection in spiritual wisdom. Those who are caught by the urges of the intellect are fewer than those who are caught by the senses and their urges. The few who are spiritually minded yearn for the imperceptible, invisible bliss of merging with the Universal Absolute. Theirs is the correct path.

– Gita Vahini, Ch 08.

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