What wins bliss and what cannot win bliss?

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What wins bliss and what cannot win bliss? Bhagawan explicitly distinguishes it for us today.

Accumulation of things, of scholarship or fame, can yield no good unless what is acquired is put to practical use for oneself and others. The wisdom to recognise that the body he believes is himself is only an instrument wielded by him has to dawn in man. That is the first step to higher spiritual consciousness. There is in every person the ever-free, ever-unattached, ever-pure Atma. That is the Brahman (Absolute Reality), the Cosmic Awareness, latent and patent in everyone. Yoga (Divine Communion) awakens when the world is viewed with glorious unconcern. This is the source of supreme Ananda (Divine Bliss). How can renunciation and non-attachment result in joy, it may be asked. Discard the sense of egotism while engaged in activity; discard, while experiencing any emotion or reaction, the feeling of being an enjoyer – then, one can be ever in joy. Then the Bhogi (enjoyer) is really a Yogi (spiritually advanced person).

– Divine Discourse, Apr 21, 1983.

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