When will we experience the depth of truth and love?

by sssgc-srilanka
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When will we experience the depth of truth and love? Bhagawan lovingly points out to us today, and reminds us of the grand opportunity we all have!

Man’s nature is fundamentally Truth; his breath is fundamentally Love; his blood is fundamentally Tolerance. Falsehood, hatred and faction are characteristics of beastly or demonic natures. They are acquired from ignorance or greed or from others in society. Today, man is shaped by the head, rather than the heart. It is cleverness that is admired, that pays! But peace and joy emanate from the heart, not the head. The heart teaches compassion, awe, reverence, humility, equanimity, and sympathy – qualities that bind men in love, and turn them towards righteousness and the source and sustenance of the Universe, namely, God. The pursuit of property and possessions cannot uplift the heart into heights of bliss. You are contemporaries of the Avatar who came to guard and guide you; you have the capacity to catch the message and channelise it into action and activity. Make the utmost of this chance!

– Divine Discourse, July 1970.

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