Which should we hold on more dearly to – the Lord’s Name or His beautiful Form?

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Which should we hold on more dearly to  – the Lord’s Name or His beautiful Form? Bhagawan lovingly explains to us today in His own inimitable style with memorable examples!

The Lord and His name are both one, but the sweetness of the name is seldom found in the form! When the name of the flower, rose, is remembered, its fragrance, tender petals, and deep colour spring to memory; its thorns and troubles one underwent to get the flower are all forgotten. Instead, if its origin and previous story are considered, and if plant, leaves, and branches are taken into account, the flower — the most important, most beautiful, and most attractive part — is likely to be forgotten and only the “plant” is discussed! See this from another angle. As soon as the name mango is mentioned, one is reminded of an incomparable sweetness. Instead, if an actual mango is held in hand, doubt first arises in the mind about whether it’s sweet or sour; then one is engaged in distinguishing skin, fibre, juice, nut, rind, seed, etc. When Name alone is repeated, these things do not come to mind. Only sweetness is brought to memory.

– Dhyana Vahini, Ch 7.

There are only two means by which the Lord can be bound or enjoyed, namely, through the Name and through Love. – BABA

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