Why should we swiftly and constantly cleanse ourselves?

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Why should we swiftly and constantly cleanse ourselves? Bhagawan lovingly reminds us today with the purpose and a powerful tool.

Many in this world, even among the learned, do not spend their allotted span of life in the pursuit of certain selected ideals. Hence, their earthly careers are like the voyage of a storm-tossed ship that has lost both its anchor and its compass, and is caught in mid-ocean. They are torn between opposing ideals and goals; they listen to diverse appeals, and their lives end in waste and failure, for they say one thing and do another in their ignorance and fear. Meditation gives them a fixity of purpose, courage, and also wisdom. The feelings that arise in the mind, which are classified as serene, restless, and ignorant (sattvic, rajasic, and tamasic), also have to be watched and cleansed. Restlessness and ignorance have to be uprooted. Meditation is the weapon for this task. The path of meditation (dhyana-marga) will destroy ignorance (ajnana), and it will grant the individual union with the Godhead (Brahmaikyata).

– Dhyana Vahini, Ch 14.

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