Why should we welcome difficulties, trials and tribulations?

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Why should we welcome difficulties, trials and tribulations? Bhagawan lovingly reminds us today with memorable examples.

A diamond gets enhanced value when it goes through the process of cutting and faceting. Likewise, gold, taken out as ore from the earth, becomes pure and valuable after refinement.
Similarly, sadhana is necessary to elevate life from trivial to the sublime. No one is a scholar or a man of virtue at birth. Only through various endeavours, he becomes a scholar and a righteous person.

In creation there are many things which are naturally bad. Out of these bad things, good emerges. When one desires something, that desire is associated with aversion to something else. Man’s life is bound up with likes and dislikes, good and bad thoughts, union and separation. Hence samsara (worldly life) is compared to a vast ocean on which waves are constantly bringing about union and separation.

The same ocean contains pearls and gems. Therefore, we must face and overcome trials and tribulations of life. If we fail in this, our life becomes wasted. Life is full of trials. If these difficulties are not there, life will have little value!

– Divine Discourse, June 01, 1991.

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