Science can offer you only temporary worldly comfo…

Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

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How can we live in peace and bliss? Bhagawan reminds us so that we may not lose focus.

Science can offer you only temporary worldly comforts. Spirituality alone can give you enduring bliss. All the amenities which provide temporary comfort also give rise to unhappiness. A person may be sitting in an air-conditioned room. But his mind is filled with anxiety and worry. His brain is heated. One who has peace of mind will experience no discomfort even if he is in a forest. Peace, therefore cannot be got through science. In fact, science and technology today are leading man away from peace. All the ills of man today are due to the fact that his mind is never restful and quiet. The mind is preoccupied with worries. Even an inanimate machine needs some period of rest. But no rest is given to the mind. If we desire peace for the individual, for the society and for the nation, it can only be achieved through spiritual means.

– Divine Discourse, May 06, 1988.

When the mind is directed towards Prakruti (Nature or world), bondage ensues. When you turn your mind towards Divinity, you experience Ananda (bliss). – BABA

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