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How can we enjoy the presence of the Divine and experience Him daily? Bhagawan lovingly reminds us today so that we may transform our hearts.

Vishnu means, He who is everywhere. So, His residence, Vaikuntha (heaven) must be everywhere. You can gain entry by knocking with the correct password on your lips. Your heart can become Vaikuntha, if you cleanse it, purify it, and allow God to manifest in it. Vaikuntha means “the place where there is no shadow of grief.” When God manifests in your heart, all is full and free. The cow transforms grass and gruel into sweet strength-giving milk and gives it away in plenty to its master. Develop that quality, that power to transform the food you consume into sweet thoughts, words and deeds of sympathy for all! When you have filled your heart with sympathy for the distressed, the Lord will shower His Grace. Draupadi had earned the Grace, through her devotion and virtues. Sita too stuck to the highest ideal of life, in spite of the severe suffering she underwent.
– Divine Discourse, Jan 11, 1968.

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