What is Ananya Bhakti? Are we practising it regularly?

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What is Ananya Bhakti? Are we practising it regularly? Bhagawan lovingly explains it to us today.

Ananya Bhakti refers to that kind of devotion which is based on the conviction that there’s nothing in the universe other than God and that everything in creation is a manifestation of God. God is immanent in the subtlest particle in the universe. The devotee sees God in everything and experiences God in every action. Nothing exists for him apart from the Divine. Wherever he goes, it is a pilgrimage. Every action is dedicated to the Divine. Such devotees attained God-realisation by this type of one-pointed devotion. This form of devotion can’t be practised easily by all. It is easy to say that God is all-pervasive. But it is not so easy to experience that truth. A true devotee is one who acts on the convictions he professes. This is what is implied in the concept of Trikarana shuddhi (purity in thought, word and deed). The Ananya Bhakta is one who continually acts on the basis of his belief that the Lord is omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent.

– Divine Discourse, Sep 12, 1989.

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