What is the sign of a person walking the righteous path?

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What is the sign of a person walking the righteous path? Bhagawan lovingly reminds us today so that we may introspect, reflect and walk the path.

Remember that the mind and the conscience have to be kept straight on the path of the welfare of all mankind (sarva-manava-sukha). Dharma will shine and illumine only in the person who serves all and confers joy on all. Such a person will receive not only the grace of the Lord but also the unique privilege of merging in Him. Fill every ounce of your energy with the essence of Dharma and endeavour to progress in that path, more and more, with every passing day. An attitude of fear that the Lord is seeing everywhere and everything, an ever-present apprehension that one might slide into sin, a natural bent toward truth, a leaning toward right conduct – the mind (manas) is endowed with such virtues. Your task is to direct it and utilise it for the welfare of all mankind. Dependence on dharma will ensure happiness and increase it. It can remove the spite that one develops toward others. It will not allow you to swell with pride when another suffers or grieves.

– Dharma Vahini, Ch 13.

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