How can we live happily and healthily?

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How can we live happily and healthily? Bhagawan lovingly reminds us and encourages us in the march towards the city of freedom!

A restless mind is an important source of ill health. Man is constantly afflicted with some source of worry or other. He is never free from anxiety. Why? Because he is identifying himself with the body. How did he acquire this body? Through his past activities and deeds. What were they caused by? By the twin pulls of love and hate. How did they originate? They were born out of the entanglement in duality, in the opposites. And, why does he get snared by them? Ignorance of the Truth, the One. You must know that each one is a pilgrim and each birth is but a stage in the journey towards the city of liberation. This body is a rest house, in which we stay for a short time, during the pilgrimage. The mind is the caretaker, the watchman in the place where we rest. We are not to treat him as if he is the master or owner. But, we ought to take care that the house we are privileged to occupy is not damaged or polluted. Take good care of it and its furnishings, and treat the watchman politely!

– Divine Discourse, Nov 20, 1982.

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