A full day program to commemorate Swami’s Samadhi Day in Mandanai Sri Lanka

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With the grace of our beloved Bhagawan Sri Sathyasai Baba the Mandanai Sai Centre (SSSOO) in eastern region held a full day program to commemorate Swami’s Aradhana Mahothsavam on Sunday the 23rd of 2023.
The day began with Nagar Sangeerthan. Then followed number of spiritual name chantings. They began with Aum Sri Sai Ramaya Nama 29 400 times, followed by Aum Nama Shivaya 17 300 times. Then Gayatri Mantra 16 400 times and at last Sai Gayathri 12 000 times continuously without a pause. After the spiritual chanting Balvikas children gave a wonderful performance, which was followed by a Narayana Seva. A reading room of Sai literature and spiritual books was opened as last event of the day. It was a memorable day at Mandanai and Swami’s presence was felt by many devotees, who attended the event.

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