Are we truly clear in what we are asking from God?

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Are we truly clear in what we are asking from God? Bhagawan lovingly highlights the difference between the request, our real expectations and its consequences through memorable examples today.

To discard maya and escape from its shadow, you have to walk Sun-wards. Then the shadow will fall behind you.

When the Sun (the source of reason and Intelligence) climbs higher and higher, the shadow becomes shorter and smaller. Until at last, when he is right on top, the shadow (maya) crouches at your feet, surrendering to you; you can trample on it.

So too, when your Intelligence is supreme, maya cannot cast her evil spell on you. The Gayatri Hymn of the Vedas, recited thrice a day by millions, asks for the awakening of the intelligence so that when it brightens like the Sun at its zenith, the smog of delusion is destroyed.

Then the waves of indecision and decision that confound, contradict and confuse are stilled. This is the process of yoga or the arrest of the wandering mind, as Patanjali defined it centuries ago.

– Divine Discourse, Jul 08, 1968.

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