What are the different ways we tend to misuse our senses

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What are the different ways we tend to misuse our senses? Bhagawan lovingly reminds us today quoting great saints of yesteryears, so that we may correct ourselves.

Saint Jayadeva rebuked men for not using the God-given tongue for chanting the sweet and sacred name of the Lord. The tongue should be engaged only in speaking the truth, in speaking sweetly and in consuming what is pleasant and wholesome for the body.
Man degrades himself by consuming intoxicating drinks and non-vegetarian food and by indulging in smoking. These noxious habits affect the brain also.
Saint Surdas lamented on the behaviour of people who would not listen to the hymns of praise of God with their God-given ears or gaze on the beauteous form of the Lord with their God-given sight.
Persons going on the road should concentrate on the road and not allow their eyes to stray to the wall posters and shop windows. It is necessary that everyone should recognise the proper role of the sense organs and use them properly.
– Divine Discourse, Oct 06, 1997, 2023

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