As devotees and sincere aspirants, how can we please the Lord?

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As devotees and sincere aspirants, how can we please the Lord? Bhagawan, lovingly reminds us today, in crystal clear terms!

It is not the nature of a spiritual aspirant to search for faults in others and hide their own. If your faults are pointed out to you by someone, don’t argue and try to prove that you were right, and don’t bear a grudge against them for it. Reason out within yourself how it is a fault and set right your own behaviour. Rationalising it for your own satisfaction or wreaking vengeance on the person who pointed it out — these are certainly not the traits of a spiritual aspirant or devotee. The spiritual aspirant should always seek the truthful and joyful, and must avoid all thoughts of that which are untrue, sad and depressing. Depression, doubt, conceit — these are as Rahu and Kethu to the spiritual aspirant. They will harm one’s spiritual practice. These can be easily discarded when one’s devotion is well established. Above all, it is best for the spiritual aspirant to be joyful, smiling, and enthusiastic under all circumstances.

– Prema Vahini, Ch 63.

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