Can contentment be achieved by acquiring what we desire?

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Can contentment be achieved by acquiring what we desire? Bhagawan lovingly explains and guides us to that which can grant us true contentment!

Contentment in the mind is not easily secured. As soon as one desire is satisfied, another crops up. There is no limit to desires. Even aspiration for moksha (liberation) is a desire. As long as desires remain, man is bound to the mundane. Moksha means the disappearance of moha (attachment). Liberation signifies freedom from fleeting pleasures. What should we aspire for? There is Divinity that is permanent and unchanging. That is known as Prema (Divine Love). This Prema is not related to the physical. Men experience love in its worldly form as affection or attachment. All love in human relationships today is not Prema, it is attachment. It is inherently of a passing nature – interludes in the human journey. All attachment arises at one stage (between mother and son, husband and wife, etc), and drops away at another. As against these transient attachments, the love of God (Prema) is something else! God is eternal – existing before man’s birth and continuing after his death, without a beginning or an end. True love means Love for God!
– Divine Discourse, Oct 04, 1992.

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