How should our love be and towards whom should it be directed?

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How should our love be and towards whom should it be directed? Bhagawan, the embodiment of Love, lovingly instructs us today!

When love is directed towards things that cater to the senses or bodily happiness, it will dry up when they fail or disappoint. When profit is loved, loss will undermine it. Discontent will sap its springs when you love with the motive of worldly contentment. Even when ten million disappointments combine to distress you, never give up love; fix it on the source of love, the spring of love, the supreme goal of love, namely, God. Whatever the handicap, howsoever you are tempted to loosen the grip, hold on to God; there is always a calm, after the storm. A bout of hot weather invariably brings welcome showers. Love saturates all activities with joy and peace. Love ennobles the least and the lowest. Love yourself for the God that it embodies; love others, for the God that is enshrined in them, that speaks and acts through them. This is the bedrock on which you can build the mansion of happiness, this recognition of the Divine, that motivates you from within.

– Divine Discourse, Feb 23, 1971.

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