Can each of us participate in Bhagawan’s divine mission?

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Can each of us participate in Bhagawan’s divine mission? What is that divine task for which He has come? Bhagawan clearly and emphatically explains to us today.

The purpose for which I have come is not to fulfil small desires or attend to the small incidents. There are great truths which I have to establish. There is a considerable change in human outlook which I have to bring about. No one can stop Me or deter Me from fulfilling the tasks for which I have come, namely the establishment of the one Eternal Truth.

You have a part to play in the fulfilment of the Sai mission which is ahead of us. Establishment of dharma is the task to which we have to attend to immediately and I hope that you will all play your part, however small it may be, in fulfilling the Sai work.

Since everything depends on truth, such truth is not something which has to yield to anyone. Untruth has to subordinate itself to almost everyone with whom it comes into contact. Truth will never be subservient to anyone. This form is the form of Sathya Sai who is the Embodiment of Truth.

– Ch 32, Summer Showers 1974.

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