Does God need our adoration and prayer?

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Does God need our adoration and prayer? How and when should we remember Him? Bhagawan beautifully explains to us today with memorable examples!

God is like the divine wish-fulfilling tree, which gives whatever is asked. But you have to go near the tree and wish for the thing you want. The atheist is the person who keeps far away from the tree and the theist is the one who has come near; that’s the difference. The tree does not make any distinction; it grants boons to all. The Lord will not punish or take revenge if you do not recognise Him or revere Him. He has no special type of worship which alone can please Him. If you have the ear, you can hear “Om” announcing the Lord’s Presence in every sound. All five elements produce this sound, “Om”. The bell in the temple is intended to convey that “Om” is the symbol of the Omnipresent God. When the bell sounds “Om”, the Divinity within you will awaken, and you will be aware of His Presence. That’s the meaning of the bell that is rung in front of an inner shrine in the temple. Earn the right to approach the Lord without fear and the right to ask for your heritage. You must become so free that praise will not emanate from you when you approach the Lord. Praise is a sign of distance and fear.

– Divine Discourse, Mar 25, 1958.

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