Why should we choose to be active and how?

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Why should we choose to be active and how? Bhagawan lovingly guides us today with a profound message on how we spend time and our attitude in doing work.

I want you to be active, fully engaged, for if you have no activities, time will hang heavily on your hands. Don’t waste a single moment of the allotted span of life, for time is the body of God. He is known as the Form of Time. It’s a crime to misuse time or to waste in idleness. So too, physical and mental talents given to you by the Lord as capital for the business of living should not be frittered away. Like the force of gravitation which drags everything down, the pull of sloth will drag you relentlessly down, so you must be ever on the watch, be ever active. Like the brass vessel that has to be scrubbed to a nice shine, the mind of man has also to be scrubbed by means of spiritual discipline, that’s to say, by doing activities like the repetition of the Name and meditation. Karma that’s natural and automatic like breathing, becomes an impious act when it is done consciously, with a definite result in view!

– Divine Discourse, Mar 25, 1958.

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