How can ignorance and ego be uprooted from the mind?

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How can ignorance and ego be uprooted from the mind? Bhagawan beautifully explains the process so that we may persist in our Sadhana!

Ignorance does not exist alone; it has an offspring – ahamkara (ego). That demon has two children – attachment or attraction (raga) and impulse (vasana); that is to say, passion and craving. Passion and craving are closely interrelated. As the passion, so the desire. They are sisters. Through attachment, one gets the feelings of ‘my and mine’; these feelings provoke desire, and desires breed worry. Therefore, to remove ego (ahamkara), attachment and impulse have to be annihilated. That means ignorance has to go, for by that means alone can ego be killed. How to destroy ignorance and develop wisdom (sujnana)? That is the question! The answer is through meditation. The conquest of ignorance, ego, attachment, and impulse brings about liberation (moksha) for the individual (jivi).

– Dhyana Vahini, Ch 11.

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