How can we cultivate love, and grow in love every day?

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How can we cultivate love, and grow in love every day? Bhagawan lovingly reminds us today.

Whatever you do, with yourself or with others, do it, remembering that God is omnipresent. He sees, hears, and knows everything. Whatever you speak, remember that God hears every word; discriminate between the true and the false, and speak only truth. Whatever you do, discriminate between right and wrong and do only the right. Endeavour every moment to be aware of the omnipotence of God. The body is the temple of the individual (jiva), so whatever happens in that temple is the concern of the individual. So too, the world is the body of the Lord, and all that happens in it, good or bad, is His concern! From the observed fact of the individual and their body, know the truth of the unobservable fact of the Lord and the world! The relationship of the individual and God, the kinship between the two, can be grasped by everyone who acquires three chief instruments: (1) a mind unsullied by attachment and hatred, (2) a speech unsullied by falsehood and (3) a body unsullied by violence!

– Prema Vahini, Ch 19.

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